Arthur Jones: Inventor of Nautilus Equipment and Pioneer of High-Intensity Training

Arthur Jones revolutionized the fitness world with his invention of Nautilus Equipment, ushering in a new era of strength training that has left a lasting impact on the industry. But his legacy doesn’t stop there. The famous Colorado Experiment, featuring bodybuilder Casey Viator, showcased the effectiveness of his high-intensity training methods, forever changing the way we approach strength and fitness. In this blog post, we delve into the life and accomplishments of Arthur Jones and the fascinating story of the Colorado Experiment.

The Man Behind the Machines: Arthur Jones

Born in 1926 in Arkansas, Arthur Jones had a lifelong fascination with health, fitness, and the human body. He began his career as an animal importer and pilot, but his passion for strength training led him to the development of Nautilus Equipment. His innovative designs were based on the concept of variable resistance, which provides a more efficient and effective workout compared to traditional weightlifting equipment.

In 1970, Jones founded Nautilus, Inc., launching a line of fitness equipment that would revolutionize the industry. The Nautilus machines utilized a cam system, designed to provide consistent resistance throughout the entire range of motion, optimizing muscle stimulation and growth. Jones’ inventions rapidly gained popularity, and today, Nautilus equipment can be found in gyms and fitness centers worldwide.

The Colorado Experiment: A Groundbreaking Study on High-Intensity Training

In May 1973, Arthur Jones conducted a revolutionary experiment in collaboration with the researchers at Colorado State University. Known as the Colorado Experiment, this study aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of high-intensity training and the innovative Nautilus machines.

Casey Viator, a renowned bodybuilder and former Mr. America, was the sole subject of the experiment. Viator had suffered a severe hand injury in a work accident and had lost a significant amount of muscle mass during his recovery. The Colorado Experiment provided the perfect opportunity to test the effectiveness of Jones’ training methods in rebuilding Viator’s physique.

During the 28-day experiment, Viator performed high-intensity workouts for approximately 30 minutes, three times per week. The workouts consisted of a single set of each exercise to failure, using the Nautilus machines designed by Jones. The goal was to demonstrate that brief, intense workouts could lead to significant muscle growth in a short period.

The results were nothing short of astonishing. Casey Viator regained 45.28 pounds of muscle mass in just four weeks, showcasing the effectiveness of Arthur Jones’ high-intensity training methods and Nautilus equipment. The Colorado Experiment remains one of the most talked-about studies in the fitness world, proving that less can be more when it comes to strength training.

Read the full breakdown here and all the workouts used in the study.

The Lasting Impact of Arthur Jones and the Colorado Experiment

Arthur Jones’ inventions and the groundbreaking Colorado Experiment have left a lasting impact on the fitness industry. His high-intensity training principles have been adopted by countless strength trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of brief, intense workouts for optimal muscle growth.

Furthermore, the development of Nautilus equipment has revolutionized strength training, with many modern machines incorporating the principles of variable resistance and cam systems. The Nautilus brand has expanded beyond its original line of machines, now offering a wide range of fitness equipment and accessories.

In conclusion, Arthur Jones and the Colorado Experiment with Casey Viator stand as a testament to the power of innovation and the potential for achieving incredible results in the world of fitness. By challenging conventional wisdom and pushing the boundaries of strength training, Jones has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry, inspiring countless individuals to reach their full potential.

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