How Do Bodybuilders Pass Drug Tests?

Anybody who has seen the Mr. Olympia stage knows these bodybuilders aren’t natural. Every year they pack on massive amounts of size and come back leaner and more vascular. 

Whilst WADA and the IFBB have pretty strict rules and regulations around drug testing, athletes use a number of techniques to avoid detection. You can read the rule & regulations here: IFBB & WADA.

It is important to note that using banned substances in professional sports is both unethical and illegal. While we do not condone or promote the use of banned substances, it is worth understanding the methods that some individuals might employ to avoid getting caught:

Microdosing: Using smaller, more frequent doses of a banned substance to minimize its detection in drug tests. This method can make it challenging to detect the substance within the testing window.

Timing: Some athletes may attempt to carefully time their drug use to avoid detection during scheduled or in-competition testing. They may use substances during the off-season or periods when they believe they are less likely to be tested.

Fast-acting substances: Athletes might opt for fast-acting substances that leave their system more quickly, reducing the likelihood of detection during testing.

Designer drugs: Some individuals may use new or altered substances that are not yet detectable by current testing methods. These substances can be engineered to mimic the effects of banned drugs without being identifiable in standard tests.

Masking agents: Some athletes use substances specifically designed to conceal the presence of banned drugs in their system. These agents can interfere with the testing process or produce false-negative results.

Compromising samples: In some cases, athletes might attempt to tamper with or substitute their urine or blood samples to avoid detection.

Whilst we don’t condone the use of anabolic steroids and illegal drugs, it’s clearly a part of the bodybuilding industry. Please note: professional bodybuilders are putting their health at serious risk when using these drugs. We don’t recommend using any performance enhancing drugs, but if you do please consult a doctor.

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